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Dec 08 2011

Self Reflections of a Warrior

Achieving greater inner strength

Wrestlers are an elite fraternity, a spiritual brotherhood. Entry into their ranks is a calling and not everyone is capable of answering that calling. So what makes the wrestler different? What makes him tick?

At some point in everyone’s life, there comes a time where you, as an individual, are faced with the agony of loss. That can be the loss of loved one, the loss of a marriage, the loss of a job, or…something held so dear to your heart…something you’ve worked so hard for, only to see it…slip through your fingers.
How one deals with this loss reflects the truth of their inner self. I have a very strong belief in the power of one’s inner self and of one’s inner core. You have all heard of the traditional Chinese concept of a physically intangible energy or life force. They call it Chi or Qi. I call it your inner warrior and being a true warrior is not only about winning, it‘s about your heart.
True strength is not always shown through Victory. Stand up, try again and display strength of heart” – Rickson Gracie
Now, this concept, by no means is ever easy. In fact, the word agony is so very apt. There is an inner torture going on inside of you. The constant nagging of questions, pounding away at your psyche. What could I have done different? Could I have prepared better? Did I have a moment of weakness? Did my concentration lapse? You are constantly reliving in your head, this moment of loss and it doesn‘t seem to go away. There is a term for this, it’s called self-reflection. It is a necessity if you are to capture your self awareness.
Achieving greater inner strength as an individual can only be obtained by going through this process. You have to honestly address and resolve every nagging question that is in your head. Some make the huge mistake of only dealing with the negative questions and they neglect the positive. You need to also ask yourself, what went right? Did I learn? How can I grow from this? How can I use this to get better?  Self reflection, it is a powerful tool.
Wrestling seeks out and cultivates this inner warrior. It forces you to look at your inner self and ask the questions that need to be asked. This process occurs not only from a loss of a match, but it occurs also in the practice room. Such as when you think you are going to die from exhaustion and can’t go on…you go on. When you get up earlier than everyone else, to get your roadwork in and wanting so desperately to stay in bed…you get up and do your roadwork. When that cross face splatters your nose…it doesn’t matter…you get the take-down. Through self reflection, the steps you use to prepare your body for battle, also prepares your inner warrior.
Wrestling is the hardest sport to compete in and it can be the most rewarding. It has been said that “once you wrestle, everything else is easy.” Through self reflection, wrestling builds character and instills a tremendous work ethic that will benefit all aspects of your life. It is a tremendous avenue to self awareness.
The next time you face an insurmountable hurdle and fail, use this time to reflect and strengthen your inner warrior and then follow Rickson Gracie’s advice

    - SevenMinutes

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