New Journey

Dear Parents/Wrestlers/Family/Friends:

For over twenty years the goal of Allendale Wrestling has been to “Change the world one student at a time.”  As time has passed and circumstance after circumstance has occurred, it becomes increasingly clear that not much changes permanently with respect to human behavior.  This being said, it behooves us to consider that maybe our goal is better stated as “Our chief desire is to see young men evolve into productive members of society, with the experience of having given back to a system that has served them over their years in it.”
Too much beating around the bush?  Well perhaps, but consider Wrestling to be the vehicle we are using to teach the items that we want the kids to use when “giving back”.  In order to flourish in this sport one must be honest, with himself.  Here we are talking about developing in a youngster the ability to look at themselves critically and assess whether or not he measures up.  To his opponents, his team mates, his coaches, his family, etc.  Is the feeling upon walking off the mat fulfilling because you’ve dug deep enough to be satisfied with yourself whether you have won or lost?  Or do you have more work to do?
The second item in our teaching objectives for the Wrestling Program is integrity, not necessarily meant in the conventional sense.  But when applied to our sport the question begs: Are you saying one thing and allowing your behavior to show another?  Are you claiming that you want “State Championship” status with minimal effort?  We simply ask you to be realistic and consistent with your wants, needs, and abilities.
Thirdly, we demand that you develop a work ethic that is unparalleled in conventional high school athletics.  We know that if you are a cut above in our practice room, then the normal job or career will be a piece of cake for you upon entering the work-force.
Lastly we ask that you watch and learn how to develop passion.  An inner drive, inherent love, willingness to stare down adversity and look to the prize that is set before you.  Whether that prize is a personal goal, or a surprisingly new experience…apply a full dose of passion and it’s benefits are bound to be magnified.
Looking back over our list of four items that will help you excel in our Wrestling Program and life…we know ahead of time that failure is not only probable but it is inevitable.  Even good for you.  Setting our levels in each area as high as possible will allow us to reach goals yet unattained in our lives, despite  failures and setbacks along the way.
Since 1998 when we started our TEAM emphasis, our program has been an experiment in sociological change here at APS.  We thank you for maintaining a positive attitude in front of your wrestler and if you question my actions please come and see me privately.  I promise to do my best for the program, your son and you.  If at some point I have offended you please see me, it has always been my intention to make things as right as possible with all members of our Wrestling Family.

Coach Watson
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